• Long lasting eucalypt odour control
  • Anti-microbial with all natural wood oil
  • No binders or chemicals
  • Garden friendly - 100% biodegradable
  • Suitable for all cat breeds
  • Suitable for all litter trays
  • Economical and long lasting absorbence
  • Family owned, Australian made
  • Manufactured with sustainably sourced local plantation timber and sawdust

About Us

EnviroPet Pellets™ are manufactured in the Perth Hills from sustainably sourced untreated organic material. EnviroPet Pellets™ are the environmentally friendly solution to keep pet areas dry and odour free.

The highly compacted pellets are able to absorb 3 to 4 times their own weight in liquid, and the eucalyptus oil in the wood helps stops the odour causing bacteria, making EnviroPet Pellets™ ideal for a number of applications.

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Environmental Credentials

EnviroPet Pellets™ are made from sustainably sourced, local plantation timber and waste sawdust. The natural wood material is taken to our pellet mill where it is dried, compressed and formed into small pellets.

Lignin occurring naturally in the wood holds the pellets together, they contain no binders or glues. Premium wood pellets are clean, pleasant smelling and because they are 100% natural – good for our pets!

Plus we are a family owned, 100% Australian company.