Cat Litter

EnviroPet Pellets™ is the superior kitty litter. It can be used as a throw away litter or if scooped regularly, it can last for up to 4 weeks before it needs replacing. EnviroPet Pellets™ absorb more odour causing liquids and due to their larger size, the pellets do not get flung out of the tray.

EnviroPet Pellets are ideally suited for use in household situations with either a single tray or with a sieve tray, as the high absorbency nature of the pellets are very effective at minimising odours.

Catteries and Breeders

We also make a harder pellet specifically designed for commercial applications such as cattery’s and breeders who are willing to forgo a little absorbency to make their pellets go further. We recommend you only use these pellets within a Sieve kitty Litter tray system. Please contact us for more information and to discuss availability.

How to Use EnviroPet Pellets™

  • Place EnviroPet pellets into tray 2– 3cm deep.
  • If natural wood pellets takes some getting use to by your pet simply sprinkle some over existing litter & increase EnviroPet pellets daily.
  • For best results, remove solid waste & top up with fresh pellets as needed. Completely replace as required. Used litter (without solids) is garden friendly and can be used as a surface mulch or you can mix in with your compost.

Other uses

For small animals including birds, guinea pigs, mice and reptiles EnviroPet Pellets absorbs liquid from the bottom of the cage keeping cage clean, dry and odour free longer.