EnviroPet Pellets

“We find wood pellets to be the best type of litter for our cats. It’s economical, has great odour control and being a natural product it’s better for the health of cats and the environment. It’s also nice to deal with a local and family owned producer.”
Jen and Bob – Purrever Cattery


“I’ve tried a lot of pellets over the years from various sources and would have to say that this new one of yours is the best I have used.  Will definitely be ordering some more.“
Nick – Riordan Burmese

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“We love using EnviroPet Pellets with our cats and it’s nice to support a local manufacturer who is looking after the planet.”
Lucy Nikiforos – Kimara Russian Blues


“Breeders have turned to wood pellets as they are a more cost effective and better quality product than clay or crystal based kitty litters. Crystals are a concern as they aren’t very natural and clay clumps and gets ingested by cats. Wood pellets provide a really nice long lasting natural alternative with a good combination of odour control and absorbency.” Penny – Tonkadelic

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Finally a locally produced, natural kitty litter product. When we adopted Frankie, she was used to the synthetic cat litter so we were wondering how she might go. We introduced the pellets in a two step process, mixing the Enviro Pet Pellets in with the other stuff which worked a treat. The pellets are super absorbant, smell natural and break down beautifully in the garden. And Frankie Sinatra is one happy kitty!”
Ben, Dee and Frank Sinatra, Western Australia

EPP Testimonial

“I just wanted to send you a message thanking you for producing a great product.  Our cat Frankie is a 100% inside cat and we have tried nearly every brand and type of kitty litter over the past 6 years, trying to find a product that is easy to use and doesn’t stink out the house. We saw EnviroPet Pellets in store for the first time about 2 months ago and bought a bag to try out…they are by far the best pellets we have ever used! The pellets keep bad smells at bay much better than any product we have used and they are so easy to use – we just fill up the tray, leave and replace every 2 to 3 weeks – no scooping, no mess & no more stink! We feel pretty good also that is an all-natural, locally made product too! Keep up the good work EPP!”
Michael Simper, Western Australia